Friday, March 23, 2007

Taller Ecologista


Ecología de la Liberación

1.- Problemas Globales Críticos
2.- Agricultura Orgánica y Permacultura
3.- Ecociudades y Ecoaldeas
4.- Economía Ecológica
5.- Ciencia y Tecnología Ecológicas
6.- Educación y Política Ecológicas
7.- Espiritualidad Ecológica

Comienzo: Sábado 14 Abril 2007
$ 2000 por Sesión
Mínimo 5 Alumnos

(Av. Providencia 1670, 2º Piso, Local C)
- Galería El Patio -

Informaciones e Inscripciones:
Pedro di Girólamo
Cel: 09 16 46 100

Friday, March 09, 2007

Edible Forests & Ecovillages for to end Extreme Poverty and Hunger

Hi Friends!

I'm New in the Forum and I like to present ideas that I have for the end of Extreme Poverty and the Construction of Utopia! I refer to the philosophy and practice of the well know movements of Agroforestry and Permaculture, approachs to agriculture and Sustainable Life that for me have the Clues for the stablishment of a New Sustainable and Happy World Society - You can search the terms in Google for to attain a vision of they potentiality and vigor.

Also I'm thinking in the present movement of the Global Ecovillage Network - search again the Google -, movement that see the descentralization of humanity in autonomous and Self-Reliant and Selsufficient in food and energy Human Communities as the next steep in human evolution to a real happy and mature World.

Also, I think, these Movements have the answers to the present and growing Modern Environmental and Social Crisis ... Yours and until other Opportunity! P.S.: Also important to mention is the existence in that Future Sustainable and Just World of medium size Eco-Cities, surrounded by Green Belts for the Self-Sufficiency in Food - also there would be growing of food inside the Cities -, that will have arround them Small Towns and Ecovillages where will live the future descentralized population - Ecotopia at sight! =)

+Piedro (From CHILE Southamerica)